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The Portfolio


What does the Portfolio do?

Your portfolio should be considered as an advertisement for your services … an ad promoting your skills and successes that will interest clients and potential employers enough that they will want to want to meet you and invite you to an interview.

So your portfolio should be well written, relatively short, interesting and have all the explications and credits that provide all the necessary information. In other word, your portfolio should sell itself.

The first questions you should ask yourself before starting your portfolio are:

  • What do you want to prove? What are your skills?
  • What kind of employment or contract do you want?
  • What examples can you use to promote your skills?
  • Who are your targeted clients / employers and what are their needs that you can fulfil? (Get informed about the company and how they work)


  • A short video presentation (2 to 5 minutes) i.e.: 4 to 10 examples of 30 seconds each.
  • You should have a text in the image explaining the credits and what you have done.
  • Use the best excerpts. Don’t use older projects that don’t hightlight the level of work that you are capable of today. This is not a demonstration of your evolution but rather an example of your current skills.
  • Use different examples to show your diversity of skills in your targeted field.
  • Easy to read (Video DVD or Website)
  • All the information on the same screen to present what you have done in the project (recording, mix, montage, musical composition…)
  • Credits for the various people who have worked on the project
  • Your contact information: email address, Facebook page, LinkedIn
  • Audio portfolio – in a distribution format

Video DVD / Files on a USB key:

  • Advantage – stable and easy to use (no need for the internet)
  • Disadvantage – can be lost, cannot be easily updated


  • Advantage – always available and up to date
  • Disadvantage – internet access is needed

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