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Steinberg Starter Package Installation


Step by step guide


  1. Go to In the top right corner, click on « MySteinberg ».
  2. You will need to create a « MySteinberg » account. Click on « Create account ». If you already have a « MySteinberg » account, login to your account and go to step 9.
  3. You must now enter the information required to create a « MySteinberg » account.
    • Fill out Country, Email, Password, Repeat Password.
    • Accept the user conditions (the last check mark at the bottom).

  4. Your window should look like the following. Click « Create MySteinberg account ».
  5. The following window confirms that your account has been successfully created. You must now activate your « MySteinberg »
  6. Your window indicates that an activation link has been sent to your email linked to your « MySteinberg » account. You must now access your inbox, locate the Steinberg email and open it. Click on the activation link in red text.
  7. You must now confirm your registration by logging into your « MySteinberg » account. Fill out « Email or Username » with the same email you used to create your account. Now, in the « Password » field, enter the same password you used to activate your « MySteinberg » account.
  8. Welcome to your « MySteinberg » account. From here, you can download and manage your Steinberg products. You can now download the « Steinberg Starter Pack ». Click on the left button: « Register eLicenser / Software | Enter Download Access Code ».
  9. Enter your download code like so: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

    ATTENTION : It is composed of letters and numbers. The download code is case sensitive. It must be entered exactly as it appears on the document provided to you by Musitechnic.
    Please note that you have (2) download codes: One for Cubase LE 8 and one for WaveLab LE 8. The codes on the document provided to you by Musitechnic are Download codes only.
    Once the software is downloaded, you will have an Activation Code in the « Software » section of your « MySteinberg » account. Once the download is entered, choose which version you wish to install. Mac or Windows and download the package.

  11. Repeat this process for the Cubase LE 8 download code and for the WaveLab LE 8 download code. Once completed, you will be able to install the software following the instructions. When the software prompts you to activate the product, go to the « Software » section of your « MySteinberg » account. You will notice the activation codes for your Cubase LE 8 and WaveLab LE 8 software.


Q. I’ve installed the sortware but I can’t activate it with the code Musitechnic gave me.
Q. I’ve installed Cubase and it’s in demo mode.
I can’t create a Steinberg account
  • Make sure you are using a valid email address. We recommend using your Musitechnic email.
  • If you are using a valid email and you cannot create an account, you can contact Steinberg at the following number: 416-298-1311 with your download code in hand.

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