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As defined in the I.P.E.L., Musitechnic offers the opportunity to former students who finished the training year, and are currently active in the field of industry, to obtain an equivalence of their degrees.

Two types of assessments can lead to equivalence.

  1. Assessment of learning by analyzing professional achievements of the candidate
  2. Written and practical evaluation of the level of skills of the candidate.

Note that you can only receive equivalency for the course you have followed: 901.24 (1987-2000) NNC.07 (2000-2010) or NNC.0F (2010 -)


Eligibility requirements for the program equivalence application

To be eligible to take the equivalency exam, you must:

  • Have accumulated at least 2 years of continuous experience in the field
  1. If you meet this requirement, you must provide the following documents to analyze your file:
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Cover letter
    • Portfolio update
    • Website
    • Other resources that may be relevant to the analysis
  2. Written and practical evaluation of the level of skills of the candidtae
    • Evaluation of theoretical and practical site



Step 1
  • In order to process your request as soon as possible, we ask you to fill out the application form application form
  • You must pay the costs of the analysis, verification and management of your case ($ 50) payable by check to the order training Musitechnic or cash on the spot
  • When the file is complete, the verdict will be sent within 15 working days
Step 2
  • Once your application is accepted, you will have to pay costs associated with the preparation of the review and its correction ($ 250) payable by check to the order of training Musitechnic or cash on the spot
  • A date will be set within a reasonable time and subject to availability of teachers responsible for the assessment and the candidate
  • The applicant must obtain a score greater than or equal to 80% to get the equivalent of a diploma
Step 3
  • Once received all the necessary elements for the assessment and correction of your type of equivalence, the panel of teachers will have 15 working days to give its verdict
  • In case of success:
    1. Changes will be made to your file to the Ministry of Education
    2. A new official update bulletin will be printed
    3. A certificate will be issue stating your success
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