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Musitechnic’s Career Development Fund


MUSITECHNIC is now offering a Career Development Fund. The FUND has the goal of supporting the creation, development and promotion of future professional placement of their students and graduates in the various fields of audio.

This MUSITECHNIC FUND is for current students and graduates, for up to one year after the date of their graduation.

The grants will either consist of support services and/or financial support. It might fund the total financial amount required or partial costs of a project.

  • Complementary Training
  • Recording an album
  • Create a recording label
  • Business Start up
  • Human resources for planning and organization.
  • Financial support during apprenticeships
  • Financial tour support
  • Financial support for a show, special event or festival
  • In general all personal and/or professional projects related to audio
  • This support could address all direct and/or indirect costs of the project


Every year before the 31st of October and 30th of April

All interested students and graduates are invited to get informed of the rules and conditions and begin to prepare the proposals.


The selection jury, composed of industry professionals, will have three months to select the projects and disburse the grants.
These grants, either in money or services (studios, supervision, coaching etc), will have a value up to a maximum of $3000 per project.



  • All information and personal data submitted to the Career Development Fund will remain strictly confidential unless otherwise stated.
  • MUSITECHNIC will not have to justify in any way the number and choice of projects selected by the jury of professionals.




The submission periods are:
Every year before the 31st of October and 30th of April


Yes. The Musitechnic Fund can provide partial / complete financial tour support (equipment rentals, transport and even hotel costs).

Yes. The Musitechnic Fund can pay the cost of the certification ($2000US).

Yes. The Musitechnic Fund can help pay for your living expenses during that period.

Yes. We can give you technical help and the Musitechnic Fund can pay for the registration of the domain name and the server that is hosting your website.

No we can’t pay your salary but the Musitechnic Fund can help defray the cost of the professional consultants needed for your start-up such as a notary of chartered accountant.

No it will not be deposited directly. If we do, it will be considered as revenue and you will have to declare it on your income tax report.
The money from the Musitechnic Fund will be paid directly to the person or company that is providing the service and / or equipment. (notary, accountant, rental company, etc.)

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