Campus V2


General Rules


Code of Behavior


At all times – You shall respect everyone
  • Respect the other students, teachers and school staff:
    • Attitude and manners
    • Communicate politely and pacifically
At all times – you shall behave correctly and securely
  • Respect and follow the rules.
  • Act calmly in difficult situations.
At all times – you shall take care of the school’s facilities
  • Use the equipment and material accordingly to their function.
  • Help maintaining the equipment and facilities in good condition.
  • Help maintaining the facilities organized and clean.
At all times – you are responsible for your material
  • Bring the necessary material in class (headphones, iPad, pen, paper…)
At all times – you shall follow and respect the schedule
  • Be punctual
  • Wait for the break to leave your class, lab or studio.
  • Turn off any other equipment that could disturb the class (cell phones…)
At all times – you shall only bring authorised equipments
  • Bring only authorised equiment or material to school.
  • Use the equipment accordingly and timingly.
Use the student online campus accordingly
  • You are responsible for staying informed and up-to-date by reading the information transmitted through the campus.
  • You are liable for the the use of your account.



  1. Courtesy and politeness are a must at Musitechnic.
  2. Be respectful with the staff and the other students with no exceptions.
  3. No signs of religious affiliation or association will be allowed in the school.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to smoke on the premises of the establishment or near the building surroundings.
  5. A student under drugs or alcohol influence will not be admitted to school, this activity may constitute grounds for terminating his educational services contract without notice.
  6. Any drug or alcohol on school premises is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for termination of the educational services contract without notice.
  7. Reproduction of books, manuals, software, and generally of any document with the label Musitechnic is prohibited.
  8. A student who steals, damages, breaks or loses Musitechnic’s property or materials must pay the full cost of repair or replacement. Musitechnic reserves the right to prosecute offenders.
  9. It is forbidden to leave the institution with Musitechnic equipment or property. Any violation of this section constitutes an act of theft. Musitechnic reserves the right to prosecute offenders.
  10. Proper dressing code is mandatory.
  11. Wearing clean and dry shoes is mandatory for all seasons: it is forbidden to go to class, lab or studio with wet shoes or boots.
  12. No food or beverages will be allowed in classrooms, laboratories or studios. The cafeteria is the only place for eating.
  13. Coats, bags or briefcases are not allowed in classrooms, studios or laboratories.
  14. Students must contribute keeping the calm at the reception. They should not engage in loud conversations at the reception, they are invited to use the student’s lounge.
  15. Students must notify of any change of address by completing the prescribed form at the reception.
  16. Students should contact the reception in order to meet any members of the administration staff.
  17. Students must identify all their personal belongings, i.e., agendas, backpacks, books, USB keys, etc.
  18. Students cannot receive personal calls or messages at the reception, unless for emergency.
  19. It is forbidden to bring visitors, relatives or friends, in class, laboratories or studio with the exception of school projects.
  20. Cellphones must be turned of during class.
  21. Photocopies: it is not possible to obtain a copy of an evaluation or homework, corrected or not.
  22. Photocopies: in order to help you out, and in small quantities (i.e. class notes) we offer the service at a low cost.
  23. To post something on the bulletin board, the student has to have the document approved by the direction of studies.
  24. The students are asked to keep clean the student lounge’s tables and counters at any time. No food shall remain in the fridge during the weekend; the refrigerator is emptied each Friday.
  25. During snowstorms or ice storms, in order to know whether Musitechnic is closed or not, you can listen to the radio or directly call the school. It is very rare that classes are canceled due to a storm.
  26. Using the terrace: you must respect the boundaries determined by the fences; Smoking is strictly forbidden on the terrace. You must keep the patio and benches clean at all times. No delays will be tolerated because “you were at the terrace”.
Lundi au Vendredi 8:35 - 20:00
Samedi 9:45 - 16:30 / Dimanche fermé
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